Our Story

They say necessity is the mother of invention, well that is the case for EzEBT. One night Michael Williams, a music producer, had a flash of genius and saw a creative solution to solve a problem for many EBT card holders.  Michael, a natural at bringing people together, got in touch with his two high school friends, Sean Cummings and Ricky Bhavnani  to make his idea a reality…and thus EzEBT was born.

Our Purpose

To connect people with great local businesses

EzEBT Executive Leadership

Michael Williams

Co-Founder, Product Knowledge, Marketing

Michael’s unique position provided an opportunistic perspective which ignited the development of EzEBT. Before beginning on this endeavor, Mike was producing music at his studio full time and has worked with artists which have been featured on many Top 10 lists. He has a passion for music, tech and community.

Sean Cummings

Co-Founder, Funding, Public Relations

Sean is business minded and orientated. Taking a focused yet open approach, Sean was able to seed the initial business funding and expand his dealings to public relations. Sean is also saving lives everyday with his colleagues as a full time RN. Sean enjoys fantasy football.

Ricky Bhavnani

Co-Founder, IT, Finance, Sales

Rick is a self taught programmer and holds a MBA degree with a focus in finance, so when Mike approached Rick with the idea for EzEBT, he knew that he would be able to make this happen and make it sustainable. Prior to EzEBT, Rick was working on several other platforms, as well as working as a robotics education instructor.